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Commercial Solar Panel Installers:
North East & Northumberland

At EcoFuture we can create bespoke solar panel systems that excel in the commercial sector, providing a start-to-finish design, and working with the client at every step of the way.

We install commercial solar panels in the North East, including Newcastle and Northumberland, but also offer a UK wide service to commercial clients.

EcoFuture: Commercial Solar PV Installers

Most commercial buildings have huge scope to install solar panels given their size. Compared with residential sites, a commercial operation can offset most, if not all their electricity needs, saving thousands every year as a result.

EcoFuture realises that it’s not always just a case of saving money when it comes to solar power for commercial buildings. Other benefits include reducing carbon footprints, creating an additional income stream by selling excess back to the grid, ensuring the future of the business by not having to worry about rising energy costs, and creating security by not having to rely on a grid that is already running at maximum capacity in the UK.


Our attention to detail and partnership with our clients has allowed us to become one of the best commercial solar panel installers in the North East and across the UK. If you want to speak with our trained technicians about solar power that can benefit your business, call us on 0191 490 3308 or use the contact form on this page.

Commercial Solar Panels

Solar Panels

Solar panels absorb sunlight and create a current which is then used as electricity for your building instead of taking power directly from the mains supply.


Electricity generated from your solar panels is stored inside a battery so it can be used at any time during the day or night, giving your power even when the sun isn't shining.


Electricity from your battery can then be used to power any electrical appliance or fixture within your commercial space potentially saving you thousands in bills each year.

Why Choose EcoFuture For Your Commercial Solar Panel Installation?

As a team, we’ve invested a huge amount of time and resources into renewable energy training and accreditation. As a result, we are proud to be recognised by the following national institutions.


MCS certified

MCS, which stands for Microgeneration Certification Scheme, is a certification scheme in the United Kingdom that provides quality assurance for microgeneration products and installers in the renewable energy industry.


HIES Accredited Installer

HIES provides protection for home and business owners. Accredited installers are tested to ensure that workmanship and products are of a high standard within the renewable energy sector.



Trustmark is a UK government-endorsed quality scheme for the home improvement and home repair industry, including renewable energy installations. The purpose of Trustmark endorsement is to provide consumers with confidence in the quality and standards of work carried out by contractors in their homes.


CHAS accredited heat pumo installer

CHAS, which stands for Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme, is a health and safety accreditation scheme in the United Kingdom. It provides a health and safety pre-qualification service to contractors and clients, primarily in the construction industry.

What Does our Commercial Solar PV Installation Process Look Like?

At EcoFuture we work tirelessly in the planning stage so that the installation process goes as seamlessly as possible. The process starts with an initial consultation. We’re looking to find out what you want to achieve from your new renewable energy source and what your budget is.

We’re able to offer advice on what we think will work best to meet those needs. This might include the location, number of panels, products to use, and how it can work to offset costs within your business.

Our plan will include a schedule of work to be completed. We realise that most businesses will be trading throughout the installation process, so we work to keep disruption to an absolute minimum. We can agree on times that you want us on site and times that you don’t, but ideally, once a project is started, we work non-stop to get it finished for our clients.

Once all this has been signed off, the installation will begin. This is how the installation process works:

Mounting frames are applied to the roof and bolted down. The mounts are incredibly strong and can hold firm in category 5 hurricanes.

The panels are then fixed to the mounting frames. They click into place for an initial hold, before then attaching permanently with galvanised screws.

Each of the panels are wired together to make a circuit. Our team of experienced electrical engineers can create a bomb-proof connection for the panels.

Work on the inside starts, initially installing an inverter that converts the power generated in the panels from DC to AC. If you opt to include battery storage, these will be included with the install of the inverter.

The system is then linked to the main circuit board. The computer that comes with the inverter can monitor how much energy the panels create and how much is being used by the building. It will also highlight how energy can be used more efficiently or if coupled with battery storage, can be sold back to the grid.

It’s worth noting that we’re able to add panels and battery storage to existing systems. For example, if after a period you decide that you want to increase the amount of energy created or stored, we can come back and increase the setup to allow your business to do that.

How do Commercial Solar Panels Work?

smart tech

How do they work?

As one of the leading commercial solar panel installers in the North East and Northumberland, we feel it’s important to break down how solar panels work in a commercial space.

The technology of how they generate power is the same for both residential and commercial properties. Each panel contains a series of silicon cells that when light hits, create a current. The more panels that you have, the larger the current, and in turn, the more electricity that can be produced.

Each panel is wired together to create a large circuit. This is then fed into the main system via the switchboard.

The power that’s generated from the panels is in DC (Direct Current) and to be used in a commercial environment, needs to be converted to AC (Alternating Current).

To do this we install an inverter. This takes the DC and creates an AC current before feeding the power into your main circuit board.

Solar panels draw energy throughout the day and are at maximum generation on bright, sunny days. However, it’s worth noting that they can still create energy on dull days, but efficiency is reduced. Given that the North East isn’t the sunniest of climates, this allows them to work to some capacity on most days of the year.

The only limitation with solar panels is that they can’t create power are night, given there is no light. As an additional product that we install, we can include battery packs that allow you to store power that hasn’t been used to then be used when the panels are generating electricity.

Commercial settings have the capability of creating huge amounts of solar power given that they have more space than most residential properties. We will work with your business to not only determine how much energy you can create but also how much you will save.

It’s worth noting that even small systems can drastically reduce energy bills, depending on usage. Our technicians will be able to design a bespoke system based on your needs.

Is Your Building Suitable for Commercial Solar PV?

The suitability of your commercial property will determine the type and size of the setup that you can install. We’ve included a few points to consider on suitability, but it’s worth noting that even if you can’t offset your energy bills 100%, you can still make significant savings even on smaller solar panel systems.

At EcoFuture we’ve addressed issues in all these areas and always come up with a solution that suits our clients. Solar panels aren’t simply limited to large roof installations anymore and only need to be exposed to sunlight as the main priority.

Our engineers are expert troubleshooters for solar panel technology. We pride ourselves on being able to install solar panels in even the most inhospitable environments, allowing our clients to save money on energy bills and massively reduced their carbon footprint.

Key Benefits: Commercial Solar Panels

Solar power is a renewable energy source, which is free to harvest. The panels draw energy from the sun and then feed it into the commercial property. It’s possible, with the right system, to offset a business’s entire electricity supply with the use of solar power. Even smaller configurations can offset a percentage of total usage, both saving vast sums of money on energy bills every year.

If you find that the system creates more electricity than you can use, you can sell this back to the grid and make money from doing so. Given the size of most commercial buildings, it’s possible to create massive energy stores that the company can use as an additional income stream.

Rising energy prices have already, sadly, put a lot of companies out of business. By installing solar panels you no longer need to worry about any further increases, giving the company financial stability and easing forecasting issues.

The installation of solar panels is always going to be a sound investment. The risk is exceptionally low, and all installs will see a reduction in energy bills as a result.

It’s widely reported that the National Grid is struggling in the UK. The government is already conducting energy audits for large businesses via the Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme (ESOS). Solar power allows businesses to get ahead of the curve and removes the risk of any potential throttling to lower energy usage.

Renewable energy sources such as solar power means that there is less demand for carbon-heavy fuels such as oil and gas. By “doing your bit”, companies not only benefit from lower bills but also create positive PR as consumers look favorably towards businesses that are having a positive impact on the environment.

Customers are now looking for businesses that are doing their bit for the environment. This includes everything from non-plastic packaging to the use of renewable energy sources. Stating that your business is actively saving the planet by achieving carbon-neutral or at least offsetting energy supplies, is a huge lure for consumers who want to support those types of businesses.

EPC requirements are changing for businesses UK and installing solar panels can help boost your EPC ratings substantially.

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Each commercial solar panel project we undertake is different. If you’re insterested in a solar solution for your business please get in touch as we’re confident we can come up with a bespoke scheme which meets your needs.


As all commercial installs are bespoke designs the best way to get the ball rolling is to get in touch with us and arrange a site visit and surbey.

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How much power can a commercial solar installation generate?

Commercial solar installations have the capacity to make huge amounts of power. It depends on the size of the system that’s installed but given that most businesses have access to huge roofs and large areas externally where multiple panels can be installed, the energy-making potential is massive.

How much does a commercial Solar Panel installation cost?

Prices for smaller 4kw systems start at around £7,500. A 50kw system is around £50,000 and a 250kw system is around £175,000. However, these numbers vary massively based on the type and size of the system that you want to install. Get in touch with EcoFuture for a quote.

What areas do you cover for commercial solar panel installation?

EcoFuture is based in Newcastle but covers commercial solar panel installation for businesses across the North East and Northumberland. If you’re located outside of these areas, then still get in touch as we can travel for larger jobs.

Can you work with us to help us improve our EPC?

Yes, EcoFuture is one of the leading renewable energy installers in the North East and has worked with countless businesses in the past to improve EPC ratings. This includes choosing renewable energy products such as commercial air source heat pumps, as well as improving insulation and electrical upgrades.