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Heat Pump Installation:
Durham & Chester-le-Street

At EcoFuture we specialise in air source heat pump installation in Durham, Chester-Le-Street, and County Durham. The company has over 30 years’ worth of experience providing heat pumps, solar PV, battery storage, EV charging, and high-efficiency boilers county wide.

County Durham Heat Pump Installers

Our heat pumps are sourced from leading renewable manufacturers such as Vaillant and GivEnergy. Our products can offer up to 100% more Coefficient of Performance (CoP) which is the benchmark for how efficient heat pumps run.

The team works with our customers from start to finish, providing in-depth heat loss surveys which will determine not just what the best product for your home is, but also how to maximise your product once installed.

We’re able to not just save you money on increasing energy bills, but also create a bespoke heating system to reduce your carbon footprint.

You’re able to claim up to £5,000 in government grants via the Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS) currently running from April 2022 to April 2025.

If you’d like to learn more about heat pump installation in Durham, Chester-Le-Street, and County Durham or to book your heat loss survey, contact our trained technicians at 0191 490 3308 or start your quote online.

Why Choose EcoFuture For Your Heat Pump Install?


MCS certified

Working with the Department of Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) has allowed us to earn our MCS accreditation.


HIES Accredited Installer

We are accredited with HIES, a consumer protection organisation that works as part of the renewable energy sector for home conversions.



Trustmark is a government-led accreditation that works with consumers to ensure that work is carried out to a high standard. This includes workmanship and the quality of products provided by us, EcoFuture.

Heat Geek

Heat Geek Installer

Our Heat Geek verification ensures that our knowledge of how the renewable energy system maximises efficiency. We even work directly with Heat Geek to offer advice and skills to other companies across the UK.

Process: Air Source Heat Pump Installation

Install Process


At EcoFuture we pride ourselves on being able to help customers make the switch to a more sustainable and cheaper energy supply.

We are also passionate about helping you to create a renewable energy system that provides a reduction of harmful gasses such as CO2 and replaces them with sustainable energy supplies, such as air and solar power.

We go above and beyond the competition when it comes to air source heat pump installation across Durham, Chester-Le-Street, and County Durham, to ensure that systems are designed, installed, and running at maximum efficiency.

Our first consultation starts with learning a little more about what you want to get from your heat pump installation. Most of our clients are looking to use more sustainable energy, reducing their carbon footprint and saving money on increasing energy bills. We start by listening, before then taking action.

Following the initial chat, our skilled team of heat pump experts will conduct a heat loss survey to assess how your current system is running. We will use the survey to see how we can improve on the current system, but also to use this as the first face-to-face meeting so we can answer any questions you may have regarding the process.

Your bespoke survey is then taken away and processed within the team. We look at ways that you can become more energy efficient, and we start to look at products that will best suit your current setup. Our connections with the leading manufacturers mean that there are multiple packages that we can cater to suit your budget.

Upon agreeing on a system for your home, we will agree on a start date for the work. Every job we work on includes a plan and timeline for the work to be completed. We pride ourselves on our punctuation, but delays and issues can arise as the job gets underway. If this is the case, we will be clear, concise, and on hand to answer any queries.

Creating the most efficient heating system possible doesn’t end once the installation is complete. Our team is on hand to not only fine-tune your system to maximise efficiency but also to help should something go wrong. We strongly recommend that you book an annual service to ensure that the heating system is fully operational.

How Do Air Source heat Pumps Work?

How do they work?

smart technology

Heat PumpHeat pumps have been designed as an eco-friendly alternative to fossil fuels, such as gas. Their goal is to save money and dramatically reduce the carbon footprint a typical home would endure.

The heat pump captures air from outside and condenses the air using a compressor, before then creating warm air. As the particles are compressed, this allows the pump to turn the cold air into warm.

Most home heating systems will use the heat pump to move the warm air particles into a hot water cylinder. This cylinder then works in conjunction with a hydraulic module, which when called upon, will circulate the warm water around the home into radiators and underfloor heating.

Air source heat pumps are powered by electricity. Around 75% of the energy created by the pump is taken from outside air particles. This means that 75% of our total energy usage will come from a sustainable source, instead of gas or other fuels. This drastically reduces the CO2 impact and creates a more environmentally sound heating system.

Our ties with manufacturers such as Vaillant and GivEnergy give us access to some of the best products on the market. With each heat pump comes a Coefficient of Performance (CoE) which essentially highlights how efficient the pump is. Industry-standard is around 300%, meaning that you get 3 units of energy out, for every single unit in. However, our products are as high as 520% CoE, making them drastically more efficient and much cheaper to run.

Heat Pumps & Solar


Heat Pumps SolarAt EcoFuture we specialise in a range of eco-friendly energy solutions, including solar PV (photovoltaic).  Solar power generates energy from light using semiconducting material that creates flows of electricity when light shines on them.

The electricity that is generated can then either be hooked into a home system to subsidise (or replace entirely) any power pulled from the national grid or it can be stored in high-capacity batteries to be used when called upon.

It’s a fantastic combination to use with a heat pump installation as it means the energy generated from the solar panels can be used to power the pump. This allows the average home to offset some or all the associated running costs.

We can create a range of bespoke solar panel packages for homes in the Durham, Chester-Le-Street, and County Durham areas. It’s possible to create systems that not only generate enough energy to power air source heat pumps but even entire homes. Some generate so much power that there is excess that can either be stored (using one of our battery storage systems) or sold back to the grid to make a profit each month.

To read more about our Solar PV systems just click the previous link.

Can Anyone Have An Air Source Heat Pump?

We’ve yet to come across a scenario where we couldn’t create a bespoke heat pump package on a home, be it a new or older house. The beauty of these products is that they are highly versatile, with a wide range of options to choose from that will cater to 99% of homes.

Occasionally there are times when a heat pump won’t be able to create enough energy to power the entire building. Large, older houses with poor insulation are the usual culprits. However, it’s possible to run a hybrid system that allows us to install a system that can be used alongside a traditional heating method, such as gas.

To find out how more about heat pump installation in Durham, Chester-Le-Street, and County Durham or get a personalised quote, contact us using our online quote builder or call 0191 490 3308.

How Much Do They Cost to Run?

Your standard UK house will have the following gas and electricity usage:

Electricity Annual Consumption: 2900 kWh
Average Annual Cost: £986
Average Monthly Cost: £82.16

Gas Annual Consumption: 1200 kWh
Average Annual Cost: £1,200
Average Monthly Cost: £100

Combined Costs: £2,186  per annum or £182.16 per month

The average energy usage in the UK is 2,900 kWh of electricity and 12,000 kWh of gas per year at a cost of £2,186. Our top-end heat pumps work at a CoE of 5.2, meaning that for every 1 unit of energy it draws in, it omits 5.2 units.

To remove the need for gas altogether we need to generate 2,300 kWh (12000 kWh/5.2) of additional electricity creating a total of 5,200 kWh per year. The current rate of electricity in the UK is 34p/kWh which gives us a total spend per year of £1,768.

In comparison to this a heat pump will only use electricity to run and would use an estimated 5,200 kWh at an annual cost of £1,768 (£147.33 monthly) producing a total saving of £418 per year (£34.83 per month).

*We highly recommend that you look to package both air source heat pumps and a solar power system to allow you to save even more money on your energy bills.

Heat Pump Pros & Cons

At EcoFuture we wanted to outline some pros and cons of an air source heat pump install in Durham:



Air Source Heat Pump Installation

One of the best things about air source heat pump systems in Durham, Chester-Le-Street, and County Durham is that for most houses, the process is relatively straightforward. We find that we’re able to tweak and adjust most existing heating setups to work with the heat pump, minimising any disruption.

The system starts with the heat pump that is located outside. You can choose where you want this placed, but our engineers will recommend the most efficient locations to maximise the amount of energy that you generate.

The heat pump is then linked to a hot water reserve tank. If you don’t have one, then we will install one for you. A series of wires will connect your system to a control panel that works in the same way as your current thermostat. When the control panel calls on heat, the system pulls warm water from the water tank and into the radiators.

Our team will provide suggestions and offer advice throughout the installation process as they see fit. We can recommend products that will enhance your current system or create a whole new system from scratch where needed.

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Before continuing, it is worth noting that Heat Pumps are long term investment and installation costs can start from £10,000. In order to provide you with a fully comprehensive quotation and proposal, we need to carry out a heat loss survey of your home.

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Are air source heat pump grants available in Durham, Chester-Le-Street, and County Durham?

The government-led Boiler Upgrade Scheme is investing over £3.9bn into encouraging people to go green. This means that households can claim up to £5,000 in grants to go toward the installation cost of their air source heat pump. As a Durham, Chester-Le-Street, and County Durham resident, you are eligible to claim this.

Do you install air source heat pumps near me?

EcoFuture covers the whole of the northeast, including Durham, Chester-Le-Street, and County Durham. Our highly skilled team has over 30 years of experience in the energy-saving sector, making us one of the biggest and most reputable air source heat pump installers in the region.

Where can I get a heat loss survey in Durham?

As part of our services, we offer heat loss surveys across Durham, Chester-Le-Street, and County Durham. The survey takes roughly two hours to complete, and we test all rooms in the house, as well as any potential drafts in lofts or garages. Get in touch with our team to book your heat loss survey today.

Do you install commercial air source heat pump systems in Durham?

Yes, at EcoFuture we cover both commercial air source heat pumps and domestic systems across the region. The process for each is the same in that we conduct a heat loss survey on your property and highlight areas that we think our products can help.

Can you provide an air source heat pump service in County Durham?

Yes, we offer a service plan that can be obtained with every installation. We also provide servicing for installations that weren’t completed by us. We recommend that you get your air source heat pump serviced once every 12 months to ensure it’s working to maximum efficiency.