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Heat Pump Installation:
Sunderland & Washington

Energy prices in the UK are at an all-time high. Consumers are looking at ways to create a cheaper and more sustainable option to gas and oil. At EcoFuture our air source heat pump installation in Sunderland, Washington, Houghton-le-Spring and all across the North provides just that.

Sunderland Heat Pump Installers

We’ve been leading the field in sustainable alternative energy supplies throughout the North East. Our business is one that can offer start-to-finish solutions not just to lower your energy bills, but also massively reduce your carbon footprint using heat pumps.

The team prides itself on customer service and has access to some of the best heat pump technology from brands such as Vaillant and GivEnergy. We are MSC approved and work closely with government initiatives that allow our clients to claim up to £5,000 off their heat pump installation bill.  

If you’re looking to find out more about how heat pumps can save you money or you want to get started with our heat loss survey to see where we can help, then don’t hesitate to get in touch.

You can contact one of our experts on 0191 490 3308 or you can use the online quotation system to get your heat pump installation quote started.

Why Choose EcoFuture For Your Heat Pump Install?


MCS certified

MSC is one of the leading renewable energy accreditors in the country. They ensure that the installation process from design through to handover is of the highest standard using only MSC certified products and practices.


HIES Accredited Installer

HIES is a charted trading standards institute. They approve consumer code operating and are solely targeted within the renewable energy market for home installations.



Trustmark is government-run and is in place to ensure the quality of work by trades within the home.

Heat Geek

Heat Geek Installer

Heat Geek is an independent heating accreditation that ensures work is completed to their code of conduct.

The Process: Air Source Heat Pump Install

Install Process

EcoFuture includes a range of experts who have extensive knowledge in the gas and eclectic sectors. Seeing the need to move to more sustainable energy sources in the Sunderland, Washington, and Houghton-le-Spring areas, we’ve since shifted focus to just that, offering first-class bespoke renewable heating options for domestic and commercial properties.

Our goal is to make the transition from gas and oil to more sustainable energy practices as simple as possible. We pride ourselves on creating bespoke heating systems that are going to vastly reduce your energy costs and carbon footprint.

Each project is different, but the process remains the same. We strive to be the best at heat pump installation in Sunderland, Washington, and across the North East and to do this our team of experts is on hand every step of the way.

Use our online contact form or call 0191 490 3308 to allow us to learn a little more about what you’re looking to achieve from your heat pump. This might be to work in conjunction with a current setup or could be a bespoke design for a new system from scratch.

The next step is to conduct a full heat loss survey with one of our expert engineers. They will come to your home and assess the current heating system, before determining how a heat pump will improve what’s already there. We use this as a first face-to-face point of contact, so you can get to know us and ask any questions you might have.

The survey will include a huge amount of information and data on the current system. We can then tailor a range of options that will allow a heat pump to work at maximum efficiency. Budget will be a key factor for many homes, so we’re more than happy to tailor quotes and recommendations based on this. Don’t forget that you can get up to £5,000 off your total installation costs from the latest government-led Boiler Upgrade Scheme (more on this further down).

We give you time to assess what work you want us to carry out and only when you’re completely happy to do we set a start date that fits in with your schedule. The installation process usually lasts anywhere from a couple of days up to a couple of weeks, depending on the system that needs to be installed. We can address issues such as improved insulating, additional pipework, improvements on current radiator setups, and underfloor heating.

Once the installation is complete, we take the time to ensure you know how you get the best from your heat pump installation. They are very low maintenance, but should there be any issues, you can contact our team at any time. We want this to be a long-standing relationship and unlike competitors, our work isn’t complete when the installation is finished. We highly advise that you book for annual services so we can maintain your heat pump, improving efficiency and saving you money.

How Do Air Source heat Pumps Work?

How do they work?


Heat PumpDomestic air source heat pumps have been designed to offset the use of gas and oil. As the government charges toward a Net Zero country by 2050, one of the ways that you can get ahead of the game is by installing an air source heat pump today.

The pumps are located outside and draw cool air into the pump. Each of the pumps has a compressor that compresses the particles in the air. As you compress these particles it heats them up, which then triggers the pump to move the warm air into a heat exchanger.

Most homes will have a heat exchanger in the form of a water tank. The air will heat the water which can then be distributed throughout the house using pipes and into outlets, such as radiators or underflooring heating.

The whole process is powered by electricity. It works in much the same way as a refrigerator would, except instead of turning warm air into cold, it changes cold air into warm. It’s worth noting that you can get heat pumps that can produce both warm and cool air. If you want to learn more about this, speak with one of our expert engineers.

The amount of energy that can be created depends on the size and the Coefficient of Performance (CoE) of the pump. They will produce more energy than is needed to power them and the CoE reflects how much. The industry standard is around 300%, which means for every single unit of energy it takes, it omits three units of energy.

However, at EcoFuture we only use the best heat pump technology. As a result, our machines can produce up to 520% CoE. This means that it produces a lot more energy for the same amount of energy needed to power the pump, thus making them more efficient.

Heat Pumps & Solar


Heat Pumps SolarHeat pumps rely solely on electricity to work and paired with a solar PV system allow users to offset some or all of the cost of generating the power needed. At EcoFuture we are the leading solar PV provider and installer in the North East, which means we can create bespoke options for reduced energy usage.

Solar PV systems work by installing a series of panels that each contain semiconductors. When light is emitted onto the panel it creates a circuit which in turn produces electricity.

Even a small number of solar PV panels can be enough to power a single heat pump. This results in homes using free energy sources (air and light) to potentially offset energy bills in their entirety.

Working with the leading brands in solar technology allows us to create systems that not only power heat pumps, but also other electrical items within the home. This can be done by storing energy within bespoke battery packs or for homes that create excess electricity to then sell back to the National Grid.

Can Anyone Have An Air Source Heat Pump?

Most homes will be able to install a heat pump in some capacity. Given that we are one of the leading heat pump installers in Sunderland, Washington, and Houghton-le-Spring, our expert team is on hand to outline all possible solutions.

It does, however, have some limitations. This could be down to several factors but can include cost, location of the heat pump, and the size of the home.

When this occurs, we often advise customers to consider a hybrid system. These systems will benefit from as much energy as possible from the heat pump, while still using gas, oil or electricity for any additional energy needed.

To determine if your home will benefit from an air source heat pump we highly recommend having a heat loss survey completed. This will enable us to see how much energy you’re using and how much can be generated using greener, more sustainable energy sources.

To find out how more about heat pump installation today check out our  our online quote builder or call 0191 490 3308.

How Much Do They Cost to Run?

The cost of use for a heat pump will be determined on several factors that include:

  •   Type of heat pump used
  •   Size of the area that is needed to be heated
  •   CoE of the heat pump
  •   Current energy price
  •   How much of the total energy needed can be powered by the heat pump

With the current price of gas and oil at an all-time high, a heat pump will save you money on your energy bill. Because we use the latest heat pump technology, our machines can create a CoE of up to 520%. This means that for every 1 unit of energy it pulls, 5.2 units will be pushed.

Let’s look at the typical energy consumption of a home in the UK:

Electricity Annual Consumption: 2900 kWh
Average Annual Cost: £986
Average Monthly Cost: £82.16

Gas Annual Consumption: 1200 kWh
Average Annual Cost: £1,200
Average Monthly Cost: £100

Combined Costs: £2,186  per annum or £182.16 per month

Now lets look at how that looks if you install an air source heat pump:

Total Annual Consumption with Heat Pump: 5,200 kWh
Average Annual Cost: £1,768
Average Monthly Cost: £147.33

As you can see, the typical home is spending around £2,186 per year on gas and electric bills. Once the heat pump has been expertly installed and configurated by our engineers, we estimate they can save around £418 per year on their energy bill.

But savings can be much higher than this if you’re able to either get electricity at a lower rate or you’re able to offset energy taken from the grid by using a solar-powered alternative.

Heat Pump Pros & Cons

As a leading air source heat pump installers in Newcastle and Gateshead, we’ve been fortunate enough to work with a wide range of clients. Here are some pros and cons regarding heat pumps that we want to make you aware of from projects we’ve worked on.



Air Source Heat Pump Installation

Installation starts with locating a suitable area for the air source heat pump to be installed. It needs to have unrestrictive airflow and is of course installed outside. We work with our clients to find a place where it’s not going to intrude on any outdoor living space.

The pump can be installed relatively quickly and is bolted into the ground to ensure that it will not move. We can build a solid base for this if needed.

If any internal work such as plumbing or eclectics inside the home needs to be done, then we will execute this next. Our goal is always to take cost into account while maximising the efficiency of the hearing system.

It’s now a case of linking up the heat pump to the internal system. Again, this is relatively straightforward once the internals are complete, making the transition to sustainable heating as pain-free as possible.

We can advise on modules such as smart meters and wireless controls which will be installed based on the client’s needs. Finally, we take the time to give our customers a complete rundown of the work completed and how best to use the heat pump for maximum efficiency.

EcoFuture can provide annual service checks, which we highly recommend to clients to ensure the heat pump is working as well as it can.

If you have any questions about heat pump installations in Sunderland, Washington, Houghton, or across the North then give our friendly experts a call on 0191 490 3308.

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Before continuing, it is worth noting that Heat Pumps are long term investment and installation costs can start from £10,000. In order to provide you with a fully comprehensive quotation and proposal, we need to carry out a heat loss survey of your home.

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Are air source heat pump grants available in Sunderland?

Yes, air source heat pump grants are available in Sunderland. You can benefit from up to £5,000 in government funding to support your install thanks the BUS (boiler upgrade scheme) and we can handle all aspect of securing the money for you.

Do you install heat pumps near me?

EcoFuture is based in Sunderland and operates across the North of England any beyond for both domestic and commercial clients – bottom line is yes we do install systems near you.

Where can I get a heat loss survey in Sunderland?

EcoFuture is one of the leading heat pump installers in Sunderland and offer heat loss surveys as part of our installation process and as a stand-alone service.

Do you install commercial air source heat pump systems in Sunderland?

Yes, we can offer our services for commercial and domestic sites. Our surveys will determine the best possible products for your site, regardless of size.

Can you provide an air source heat pump service in Sunderland?

EcoFuture offers servicing on both systems we have fitted and those fitted by others. We suggest that you book in for an annual service to ensure that the pump is working to maximum efficiency.