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High Efficiency Boilers


Future proof your property with

Future proof your

property with

a High Efficiency Boiler

Unfortunately not every property is suitable for a renewable heating solution, but with a high-efficiency boiler, we can still help you keep your home comfortable and reduce your energy costs. All of our boilers are hydrogen ready which future-proofs your home, and they also come with a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty for added peace of mind.


What is a high

efficiency boiler?

Our Eco-friendly high efficiency boilers come in a variety of models to suit the needs of your property. They are compatible with our app technology meaning you have the comfort of controlling your home from anywhere, and can adapt to always giving you the precise level of heat you need – which means less waste and lower fuel bills.

They are all awarded with the quiet mark, an industry award for excellence in quiet product design

What is a quiet mark?

All products awarded with a Quiet mark are scientifically tested to ensure they deliver the highest performance whilst operating at a minimal  noise level. Products awarded with the purple mark gives assurance to the consumer that it amongst the quietest on the market.

We are proud to be recognised as a Vaillant renewables partner offering their top of the range high efficiency eco Eco Boilers. Fill out our online quote form to find out which model would suit your property best.

Control your home from anywhere

The vSmart app gives you anytime, anywhere control of your heating and hot water. Not only that, the smart technology actually learns from your home, understanding its heating needs to minimise energy bills, it monitors local weather conditions and adjusts accordingly, it can adapt to you being on holiday AND works with Alexa Echo… 


Using a boiler

with a heat pump

A hybrid heating system is one that combines the use of a heat pump with your boiler as, unfortunately, there are a few types of properties that can’t be fully heated with a heat pump alone. This would reduce the reliance on your boiler, therefore reducing your energy bills and carbon emissions. 

Ready to make

the switch?

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