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EcoHub Renewables Showroom 
Low Fell Gateshead

The EcoFuture EcoHub is our flagship renewables showroom based within LowFell, Gateshead. Our renewables hub showcases a wide range of eco-friendly technologies built specifically for lowering your carbon footprint and reducing energy consumption.

We have both on-roof and in-roof examples of Solar PV fitted onto our facility along with Battery Storage, Boiler Unit, EV Charger station and a selection of Vaillant Air Source Heat Pumps. We also have an MVHR system in place along with examples of Underfloor Heating.

Our EcoHub isn’t just a showroom where you can view demonstrations of our products conducted by our trained engineers, but it’s also a training facility as well. Need detailed training on how to install and maintain Air Source Heat Pumps? Need to learn more about fitting in-roof solar PV? We can cater for a full breadth of training across a range of technologies.


Our System Design

All systems are completely bespoke so we can maximise the efficiency of your system.


  • 45L Vaillant Buffer
  • Vaillant Heat Exchanger
  • Glycol discharge vessel
  • Vaillant Internet Gateway
  • Additional cascade Heat Pump for training purposes 
  • GivEnergy Gen 3 Hybrid Inverter
  • GivEnergy 9.5kw Battery
  • Brink MVHR
  • Vaillant ecoTEC Plus Boiler 
  • Vaillant Ecofit Boiler

About our showroom installations

Maximum Efficiency

This system was designed to provide clients with a fully working, practical  demonstration of a wide range of eco-friendly products. We didn’t just want static display models on show, but to showcase an example of what a fully renewable system would look like working in tandem.

The dual fitted Solar PV system harnesses power from the sun and delivers this to our range of GivEnergy battery storage devices and inverters. The power is used directly to charge our Electric survey vehicle via the GivEnergy EV Charger, and when that’s full we use the excess to power the EcoHub.

The two Vaillant aroTHERM Plus Heat pumps installed in the garden area deliver at over 400% efficiency whilst supplying the hub with all it’s heating and hot water needs.

Both Valiant and GivEnergy products down at the showroom are connected and controlled via their respected mobile apps.

Our EcoHub is a state of the art renewables facility that covers all the bases! From Solar PV to Underfloor Heating, we can meet your green energy needs as well as provide training for installers!

System Benefits

Our renewables showroom has benefitted from the following improvements thanks to the eco-friendly technologies on offer:

Maximum Savings

System benefits explained...

Our dual 12 panel solar array PV system will generate clean free energy from the sun and run it straight into the EcoHub showroom.

We can now power our Electric Survey Vehicle on 100% free, green energy provided by the sun. As well as our Electric car we can also power our TV displays and lighting. Any unused energy will be instantly stored within our GivEnergy battery storage system for later use.

The Vaillant aroTHERM plus heat pumps supply us with heating and hot water at over 400% efficiency. These are either powered by excess energy or from the grid.

These systems working in tandem will drastically lower our carbon footprint for the site, decrease our dependancy on the grid as well as lower our bills.

System Installation

Ecofuture provide air source heat pumps, solar panel, battery storage, MVHR, underfloor heating and EV Charger installs in Gateshead, Newcastle and the surrounding areas.

Air source & plant room Installation

How did we install this system?

The project was split across two sections, one part underfloor heating and one part radiator system.

For the underfloor portion of the project we stripped and prepped the area for the heating system. After the piping was fitted in place we applied a screed then waited for it to cure. While the screed was drying we also fitted the second area of the ground floor with an overlay system.

The next stage was to install the brand new duel Vaillant 7kw Heat Pumps in the back yard area. These heat pumps were mounted atop of anti vibration feet and tails, with all electrical connections wired. We also switched fuse spurs, cables, shielded data cable and the rotary isolator.

We designed and installed an all new plant room for the client consisting of a Vaillant 300 litre hot water cylinder, 100 litre buffer, heat exchanger module, glycol discharge vessel and connections with controls. 

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