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Heat Pump, Solar Panel & Battery Storage Install in Stockton-on-Tees

Our client based in Stockton-on-Tees approached us to install a full renewable system including solar panels, air source heat pump and battery storage in their six bedroom family home. Their focus was on on reducing their carbon footprint and lowering their energy bills.

The customer also had their own Electrical Vehicle with EV charger station installed on the property. With this set up already in place and paired with our renewable technologies, the client will instantly see the benefits to their carbon footprint and energy bills.

With this property being a family home it was important for our team to plan the installation around the customers family life, ensuring heating and hot water facilities were uninterrupted as much as possible.


Our System Design

All systems are completely bespoke so we can maximise the efficiency of your system.


  • Replaced old pipework with 22 radiator heating system.
  • Vaillant Hot Water Cylinder 

About this Stockton install

Maximum Efficiency

The first stage of the Stockton install was to remove the previous system including all old pipework and inefficient radiators. These were replaced with brand new pipework along with a more efficient 22 radiator system.

The next stage was to install solar panels. Here we went for 18 in roof JA Solar Solar panels along with GSE trays. All of this work was done externally with no distribution to our clients family life. We paired this with a 5kw Givenergy inverter and 2x 9.5kw Givenergy batteries, so any unused solar power generated could be stored and used later.

The old heating system was removed so the air source heat pump installation could begin.  The customer opted for a Vaillant Air Source Heat Pump which would draw the majority of it’s power from the previously installed solar panels and battery storage system meaning a further reduction in Co2 footprint and more utility bill savings.

Finally the old and outdated hot water cylinder was removed and replaced with a new Vaillant Hot Water Cylinder which again vastly improved the overall efficiency of the house.

The main challenge of the job was installing an air source heat pump that was capable of running the new radiators, and installing within a fully occupied family home whilst maintaining the hot and cold services.

System Benefits

Our client has benefitted from the following improvements thanks to their new installation:

Maximum Savings

Stockton installation benefits explained...

Our Stockton based client went for a full all in one ecosystem in their family home and as a result were able to maximise their bill savings and considerably reduce their Co2 emissions.

The client’s new Solar PV install generates and supplies free energy to the Air Source Heat Pump. As the client also opted to include battery storage as part of their upgrade any power generated by the solar panels which goes unused is then stored in the batteries meaning they can still use free energy when the solar panels aren’t running.

We anticipate their new Air Source Heat pump can run at a 460% efficiency rate and the customer will produce over £2,000 in savings on their current energy bills.

System Installation

Ecofuture provide air source & solar panel installs in Stockton and the surrounding areas.

Air source & Solar Installation

How did we install this system?

Although our client was completely replacing every element of their current heating system we managed to work together to minimise disruption to their family life.

We got the messy work out the way for them as soon as possible by installing new pipework throughout the house. We coupled this adding the additional electrics required which was all fitted inside a week.

The roof works were carried out and solar panels fitted without disruption to the customer as all this work is done externally.

Finally we created a brand new plant room to run alongside the heat pump installation and piped in all of the new 22 radiators. The full renewables install in Stockton was completed and carried out as efficiently as possible whilst minimising any chances of disruption for the client and their family.

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