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What is a Renewable Technology System?

Renewable Technology Systems work by harnessing energy from sustainable sources such as thin air (yes really) and the sun and then convert it into heat and hot water or electricity. With energy prices on the increase, it’s never been a better time to go off-grid and wave goodbye to those monthly bills for good. 

Research also shows that carbon emissions from our homes are a huge contribution to greenhouse gases. With a renewable technology system, you can dramatically reduce your emissions for a greener, healthier planet. 

Our Renewable Technologies

One of the more commonly known renewable technologies is solar power. Installed either as stand-alone or paired with battery storage, they’re a great way to switch to a renewable energy source. 

Historically any unused that’s power generated from solar panels has gone back to the grid. Instead of this, large batteries can now store any unused energy to power your home during the evening or at peak times.

More and more of us are switching to electric vehicles. We can install charging units into your home. Paired with solar panels, this gives you the ultimate self-sufficient drive!

As gas prices continue to rise, it’s becoming more common to ditch fossil fuels in favour of a more sustainable source – thin air! Heat pumps convert air into enough hot water and heating for most family homes. 

renewable technology systems newcastle

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EcoFuture is a team of renewable technology specialists that operate in Newcastle Upon Tyne and surrounding areas. We specialise in Heat Pumps, EC Charging, Solar PV and Battery Storage. 

Every system that we install is custom designed, depending on your property and lifestyle. We pride ourselves on offering the very best service and installation, with follow-up support on hand for all technologies. 



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