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Heat Pump Servicing:
North East & Northumberland

EcoFuture is one of the leading air source heat pump installers across the North East and Northumberland. Our goal is to provide a service that reduces energy prices with an eco-friendly solution.

EcoFuture: Air Source Heat Pump Installers

Since 2022 wholesale gas prices have risen an eye-watering 404%. With the government price cap on energy prices having little impact, consumers are looking for alternative solutions to reduce energy costs, with air source heat pumps being a viable option.

We pride ourselves on creating a start-to-finish solution that guides customers on the best air source heat pump options for their homes. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, we’ve been able to save homes across the North East and Northumberland hundreds of pounds a month over regular gas heating setups.

Our process starts with a meeting and survey of your home to determine what products and processes are going to be most efficient based on your current setup. We cater to all budgets and are on hand for industry-leading after sales to ensure that your heat pump is running optimally.

If you want to get a quote or learn more about air source heat pump installation in the North East or Northumberland, then don’t hesitate to get in touch for a free, no-obligation quote.

Use our online quote builder or call 0191 490 3308 to get started.

Why Choose EcoFuture For Your Heat Pump Install?


MCS certified

MCS is one of the leading accreditations in the energy industry. Our certification requires us to work to incredibly high levels of workmanship ensuring that all projects are completed to an exceptionally high standard as set out by the Department of Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS).  


HIES Accredited Installer

HIES is a Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTIS) and covers consumer protection for home energy products across the renewable energy sector. They include annual vetting of EcoFuture to make sure our practices are up to standard.



Trustmark is one of the few government-led schemes that ensure the quality of workmanship carried out within the home. EcoFuture hold this mark meaning any air source heat pump installation we carry out comes with government backed piece of mind.

Heat Geek

Heat Geek Installer

Heat Geek was created to teach consumers more about how renewable energy and its technologies work. Their accreditation includes a thorough vetting process to highlight only the most reputable air source heat pump installers within the UK.

Our Process: Air Source Heat Pump Installation

Our 30+ years of experience in creating bespoke air source heat pump installations across the North East and Northumberland has allowed us to create packages that work for all budgets. We pride ourselves on not just delivering first-class installation, but also unrivalled customer support and aftercare.

Our process starts with a simple introduction to learn more about what you need for your air source heat pump, followed up with detailed recommendations on what we believe will best suit.

At EcoFuture there is no job that is too big or too small. We realise that for many, the concept of creating a cheaper alternative to gas may be a little foreign, which is why our experts are on hand to both inform and deliver to the highest of standards.

The first step is to listen to what you want to achieve from your air source heat pump. This might be to save money on increasing energy bills or simply to reduce emissions benefitting the environment.
We then do a full-scale survey on your existing setup to see where we can improve. A key area for this is a heat loss survey which highlights how much energy you use and subsequently lose. This takes around 2 hours to complete and is a great chance to speak face-to-face about any concerns or queries you may have.
The survey will highlight what can be improved and what system we recommend that you install to meet your goals. Each project that we work on is fully bespoke and there is no generic setup that we recommend. This is one of the key areas that set EcoFuture apart from most of the competition in the area.
After discussing and agreeing on a system that meets requirements and budget, our highly skilled team starts the installation process. With this comes a timeline of the work we will conduct, a start date that suits you, a goal to create as little disruption as possible and extensive support on how the system works to get the most from it.
The aftercare that we include is unrivalled. Our skilled support team is on hand 7 days a week to address any issues or queries that you may have. We highly recommend that you book an annual service to make sure your heat pump is working as well on day 365 as it did on day 1.

How Do Air Source heat Pumps Work?

How do they heat?

smart technology

Heat PumpAir source heat pumps are designed to absorb heat before then transferring it to an outlet, such as a radiator. It draws in air from outside and takes the heat particles from that to move to the indoor area.

The process is one that is much cheaper to run than a traditional gas boiler and much better for the environment. The technology developed means that it doesn’t burn any fuel, meaning that there is no carbon dioxide emitted.

Each module has a compressor that is powered by electricity. This draws in the cold air from the outside and compresses the air. When you compress air, it increases the temperature which then allows the pump to move the warmer out of its exchange and into the home.

The air source heat pumps that we use at EcoFuture have industry-leading technology throughout. This allows them to be incredibly efficient in not only drawing cooler air but also expelling warmer air.

Most homes already have appliances that use this exact technology but in reverse. A refrigerator takes in the warm air from the home and converts it into cool air using an air pump. Instead of compressing the air particles, it decompresses, which allows the particles to move and become much cooler.

Heat Pumps & Solar


To offset the usage costs of air source heat pumps you can link them to a solar PV system. This is a combination of solar panels (usually situated on the roof) that draw energy from the sun and convert it into electricity.

At EcoFuture we can provide solar PV systems that can offset some or even all the running costs of an air pump system. Our products have the capability of creating huge sources of electricity from solar energy, giving you the choice of selling excess energy back to the grid or storing the power for future use in large batteries (more about battery storage systems here).

If you do decide to install a solar PV system alongside your air source heat pump then you can use the electricity the pannels generated to power your heating for free. You can even store any unused energy generated into a battery storage system meaing you can benefit from free energy at night or when the sun isn’t shining.

To find out more about our Solar PV options visit our dedicated page on Solar Panels.

Hybrid Systems


Unfortunately, there are a small number of properties that can’t be fully heated with a heat pump alone.

In this circumstance, we would suggest a hybrid system; pairing a heat pump with a high-efficiency boiler. This will provide the top-up of heating and hot water needed, but at a much better rate.

Generally speaking the older your house the less well insulated it will be and the more likely it is you’ll need a hybrid system.

You can then couple this with Solar Panels as well to further reduce your carbon footprint and save money on your energy bills. To find out more about having an air source heat pump install on a hybrid system just get in touch via 0191 4903308.

Alternatively use the following link to read more about our high efficiency boiler options.

Can Anyone Have An Air Source Heat Pump?

The conversion from traditional heating methods to an air source heat pump is widely accessible for most homes. We will work directly with you to discuss what options are available.

In rare cases, a full air source heat pump might not be possible or might not be the most efficient way to proceed. When this occurs, we recommend a hybrid system that still has some of the benefits of the air source pump, but also the backup of more traditional methods.

Installations will generally fall under the “permitted developments”, so there is no need to contact local planning for permission. However, if we feel that it may infringe on these guidelines, we will do this on your behalf, while also checking with the District Network Operator (DNO) who currently supplies your existing electricity.

How Much Do They Cost to Run?

Running costs will vary based on the type of pump you install and the amount of energy that you need. Each pump comes with a Coefficient of Performance (CoP) that highlights the amount of heat produced for every unit of electricity used.

The more efficient the heat pump the cheaper it is to run. For example, a typical heat pump will produce three units of heat per single unit of electricity. This will give it an efficiency rating of 300%.

A typical house will need around 4,000 kWh to produce 12,000 kWh of heat. The current average electricity price per KW in the UK is 34p, giving you an annual cost of £1,360 or a monthly cost of £113.33.

If we were to compare that to gas, the price is a little more than you’d pay with a traditional boiler. Gas prices are currently at 10p per kWh in the UK, meaning your total cost would be £1,200, some £160 cheaper.

However, there are multiple reasons why the air source heat pump will be cheaper to run in the long term.

The first is that a gas boiler needs replace once every ten years at a cost of around £5,000 (including installation). An air source heat pump will last for 20 years, which means that you need to add a £5,000 cost to the overall price.

Second, gas prices are rising at a much higher rate than electricity. This means that after 20 years based on current price increases, you will save around £6,000 using a heat pump over gas.

The final part and one of the most important is that, if you decide to use solar PV with your heat pump, you could potentially get your heating for free. The energy gained from the solar panels could quite easily power your whole heating system and even make enough to sell back to the grid or store for other energy needs.

Heat Pump Pros & Cons

After installing dozens of air source heat pump installations across the North East and Northumberland, we’ve created a pros and cons list to provide more detail about the product that you’re getting.



Air Source Heat Pump Installation

One of the many benefits of choosing EcoFuture for air source heat pump installation in the North East and Northumberland is that we provide a complete installation process as part of our service. Not only are we accredited and highly skilled heat pump engineers, but we’re also electrical and gas engineers, covering all aspects of heat pump installation.

The installation process is unique to each job and can take anywhere from a few days to weeks to complete. Most homes will have a lot of base work in place (piping, well-insulated rooms, etc.) meaning that the air pump installation can be done in a day or two.

One of the key areas we discuss with clients is where they would like the pump to be located. We try and ensure that it’s well hidden but allows access for maintenance. We will advise on areas where the air pump will be most efficient and include information on additional features, such as smart meters and heating apps.

We install air souce heat pumps across the entire North East & Northumberland including:

Benefits of Sustainable Heating

As part of our process one of our team will conduct a heat loss survey on your property, so that we can provide you with a solution best suited to save you money on your utility bills

Global Warming Potential is a comparative value that indicates the effect of a greenhouse gas. The higher the value, the worse the impact on the climate. The Vaillant heat pump has one of the lowest GWP ratings on the market.

Our heat pumps are awarded with the Quiet Mark, designed for a peaceful home with noise levels as low as 54dB(A)

Thanks to the most cutting-edge heat pump technology with natural refrigerant, our heat pumps will last for years to come. Plus, they come with a 7 year guarantee!

Control your home from anywhere

The vSmart app gives you anytime, anywhere control of your heating and hot water. Not only that, the smart technology actually learns from your home, understanding its heating needs to minimise energy bills, it monitors local weather conditions and adjusts accordingly, it can adapt to you being on holiday AND works with Alexa Echo… 

Get an online quote in minutes

By providing us with a few details of your property and lifestyle, we can suggest the right system and quote for you. If you would like to speak to us before filling out your details then please get in touch.

Before continuing, it is worth noting that Heat Pumps are long term investment and installation costs can start from £10,000. In order to provide you with a fully comprehensive quotation and proposal, we need to carry out a heat loss survey of your home.

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Are air source heat pump grants available in the North East and Northumberland?
Yes, grants are available for air source heat pumps in the North East and Northumberland. You’re able to claim up to £5,000 on all new air source heat pump installations. We will help you with the application process and deduct the final figure from your installation bill. Contact 0191 4903308 for more information.
Do you install air source heat pumps near me?

We install air source heat pumps across the whole of the North East and Northumberland. However, it’s worth noting that we are willing to travel to locations out of this geo, so we recommend to get in touch to see if we can meet your needs.  

Where can I get a heat loss survey in the North East and Northumberland?

At EcoFuture we carry out a free heat loss survey as part of every quote for a new or replacement air source heat pump system. The survey will highlight the amount of heat lost and the changes that are needed to be made to improve this. Our dedicated team covers all the North East and Northumberland, so get in touch today for your quote.

Do you install commercial air source heat pump systems in North East and Northumberland?

EcoFuture installs both domestic and commercial air source heat pump systems. With worked with countless businesses across the region to remove old, dated energy components and replace them with new, energy-efficient heat pumps.

Can you provide an air source heat pump service in the North East and Northumberland area?

Yes, we highly recommend that you book an air source heat pump service in the North East and Northumberland every 12 months. Not only will our service ensure that your heat pump is working as it should, but it will also ensure that it’s as efficient as possible, testing its CoP during the service.