As of April 2022, homeowners will now pay 0% VAT on the installation of all renewable technologies. Read More

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of solar energy

Solar PV Systems pair solar panels with Battery Storage, and, if required, Electric Vehicle Chargers. Depending on your property, lifestyle, and when you use most of your electricity, Solar PV systems can dramatically reduce your carbon emissions and reliance on an electricity supplier. 

Many people have made the switch to Solar over the years, but what happens when you don’t use all of the electricity that your solar panels generate? Historically, this would just go back to the grid but advances in renewable technologies now allow you to store power for future use in large batteries. At EcoFuture, we can help you decide what would work best for your property. 

0% VAT

“A family having a solar panel installed will see tax savings worth over £1,000 and savings on their energy bill of over £300 per year.” – Rishi Sunak

solar pv system with battery storage

Our complete

Solar PV system

Generate and store electricity with our full solar package. Scroll down for more options to upgrade your system, or to add EV charging.


Upgrade your battery

Increase your monthly savings further by investing in a bigger battery. If you are not sure what size battery you would need, you can fill out your details on our quoting form or get in touch with us directly. 

Additional GivEnergy
9.5kw Battery

From £3,000

Upgrade to a
Tesla Powerwall 2

From £12,995

givenergy EV CHARGING point

Add EV Charging to your solar system

Give yourself the ultimate eco drive by using the sun to power your car. Talk to one of our team about adding EV charging to your solar package. 

EV Chargers starting from £750

EV Charger
Myenergi Zappi

EV Charger

EV Charger
Tesla Wall Connector

Not sure a complete Solar PV system is right for you?

We also offer Solar PV, Battery Storage and EV charging as stand alone options. You can find more information on each service here:

Solar PV
One of the more commonly known renewable technologies is Solar power, helping homes generate electricity from the Sun. Installed either as stand-alone or paired with Battery Storage, they’re a great way to switch to a renewable energy source. Read More
Battery Storage

Historically any unused power generated from Solar panels has gone back to the grid. However, you can now pair your Solar with battery storage to use throughout the night. Read More

EV Charging

As more of us are switching to electric vehicles, it’s becoming more common to have a charging point in your home. We can also pair this with Solar to give you the ultimate self-sufficient drive!  Read More


Using solar with

a heat pump

As heat pumps run on electric, by pairing them with solar panels you can generate the energy needed from another sustainable source. This reduces your energy bills and carbon footprint even further!

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