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Solar PV Installation:
Durham & Chester-le-Street

EcoFuture is one of the leading renewable energy experts in the North East, specialising in solar panel installation in Durham, Chester-Le-Street, and County Durham. We’re able to design and install solar panel systems that work to not only save our clients on their energy bills but also massively reduce their carbon footprint.

EcoFuture: Solar Panels in Durham

Solar panels are designed to harness energy from the sun to create electricity. We use the highest-grade technology from companies such as JA Solar and GivEnergy to create bespoke systems to an exceptionally high standard.

Using a combination of solar PV panels and battery storage, it’s possible to fully offset all energy that would usually be called upon via the National Grid. Excess electricity that is generated can be sold back using the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) or can be stored for use when demand outstretches supply.

If you’d like to know about how EcoFuture can create your customer solar panel installation in County Durham the contact form on this page or call 0191 490 3308 to speak with our trained engineers.

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Our Solar PV Packages

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3.48w System




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Benefits: Solar Panels

Solar power is free. The panels harness energy from the light emitted by the sun, meaning that there is no need to draw power from the grid. As a result, electricity bills can be slashed, with the potential of removing bills altogether with the right solar panel system.

As solar power is a renewable energy source that contains no CO2, your carbon footprint will be reduced.

Most homes will see the biggest benefits of solar power with installation on their roof. However, you can plausibly position them anywhere you like at ground level and get just as much power.

The technology behind solar power is moving at an incredible rate. They are now highly affordable and allow customers to offset the total installation cost within 10-20 years, depending on the system that’s been installed.

How Do Solar Panels Work?

How do they generate electricity?

Sun Powered

Solar Panel InstallationSolar panels draw light from sources such as the sun and then convert the light into energy. The panels are made up of a series of cells and as light is exposed to these cells, they create currents.

The current is where the energy comes from. The bigger the panels, the more currents it creates and the more electricity they can produce. Panels are linked by wires into the home that are then fed into the electricity meter.

Each system will require a solar converter. This is needed to convert the energy from DC (as produced by the solar panels) to AC, which makes it usable within the home.

At this point, the homeowner has several options as to how the electricity is distributed around the home. The most common is to have battery storage, which will store the power until it’s called upon for use around the home – that includes your air source heat pump. The alternative is to have a system that simply pulls through energy as it’s called, without any storage options.

The amount of energy that is created depends on how many panels you have and much sunlight there is. The more you have of each, the more electricity that can be produced.

Solar Panels & Battery Storage

Energy Storage

Solar PV With Battery StorageBattery storage is one of the biggest benefits of solar power and we are seeing a huge uptake in homes that are deciding to utilise this feature. The battery essentially means that you can store any unused energy that’s been drawn from the solar panels.

Any energy that’s not been used will be stored in the battery and can be called upon at any time. We stock a range of GivEnergy batteries that include a 5.2kw and 9.5kw variation.

The larger the battery, the more energy you can store. We highly recommend battery use as it means that your system can always perform to its maximum capacity, drawing energy even when you aren’t using it in your home.

EcoFuture is also able to create bespoke systems for car charging ports. Our models include a 7kw system that, when at full capacity, can charge a medium-sized car in just 4-6 hours.

If you have any questions about solar panel installs in Durham, or the County Durham area or if you want to learn more about battery storage, use our contact page to get in touch.

Who can have solar panels?

The beauty of solar panels is that they can be incorporated into almost all home systems. We’ve had huge success with both homes that are looking to fully offset electricity grid supply with larger systems and those looking to make a dent in their ever-increasing energy bills.

There are, however, scenarios where solar panels are most efficient. While we don’t limit ourselves to just roof installations, we’ve found these are the easiest places to install for most homes.

Ideally, your roof will be south facing and have a pitch of around 30 degrees. But don’t worry too much if this is not the case, as you can still create a huge amount of energy from sites that many assume to be less desirable.

How much power do solar panels output?

Power is relative to a degree of factors. The biggest is the number of panels that you have installed. The more panels that are in the system, the more power they can create. As an example, most individual panels can create around 385W of electricity, meaning you would need around 10 of these panels to cover a year’s supply of electricity for the average UK home.

It’s very possible to create more power than your home generates. We’ve created systems that are linked to air source heat pumps which heat the home, as well as create enough electricity to power the rest of the home. This result is a home that is powered exclusively by green, free solar power and in turn, removes energy bills completely.

It’s worth pointing out that homes can still be linked to the grid as a backup source. For example, if there was damage to the panels or they failed for whatever reason, you can call on power from the grid as needed. This is referred to as a hybrid setup and you will only pay for exactly what you use.

Can You Sell Enery Back To The Grid?

Any energy that you create and don’t use can be sold back to the grid for profit. Most of the major energy suppliers have tariffs on how much they will pay to buy electricity. These generally range from 4-6p/kWh but can be as high as 15p/kWh.

To do this you need a system that includes battery storage. The power is generated from the solar panels before then moving into the battery. The software linked with the system will be able to see how much energy has been created, how much you’re using in your home and then home much is leftover. The excess is then sent directly to the grid, and you receive a nice cheque every month for your troubles.

If you go ahead with a solar panel install in Durham we can help you find the best rates and get set up with the best deal for selling energy back to the grid.

Solar PV Pros & Cons

Solar power is going to be the driving force behind the Net Zero drive by 2025. There are multiple reasons why we think you should choose solar, but also some downsides, outlining both below.



Solar Panel Install In Durham: Process

Solar Pannel Installation ProcessAll our solar panel installations in Durham, Chester-Le-Street, and County Durham are bespoke. We pride ourselves on being able to work with our clients to determine their needs, and also to produce the highest quality installations in the area.

We kick things off with a consultation. This will cover things like the location of panels, budget, area to house the panels, and orientation of the panels. From here we can get an idea of what products are going to work best and then offer our recommendations to you.

After agreeing on a start date, we think get to work erecting the scaffolding for panels located on the roof. This is needed for safety and ease of access.

The frame is installed onto the roof. This is going to hold the panels in place and is designed so that the panels can tilt slightly to get maximum exposure to the sun. Panels are extremely hard-wearing, and most can see off a category 5 hurricane.

Once the panels are fitted to the frame, we begin to wire them into the home. Wires need to feed into the inverter, which for most will be best located in the attic. It’s worth noting that prior to starting any work we can discuss options for the location of things such as the inverter.

Additional work may be needed for this, but we are more than happy to advise the best course of action.
The final step is to connect the inverter to the consumer unit. If you’re using battery storage, then we add this as well.

Upon completion, we test and tweak the system to make sure it’s working to its maximum capacity. We will walk you through how the system works, how to track your usage, and any electronics, such as smart meters, that you use with your system.

Why Choose EcoFuture For Your Solar PV Install?


MCS certified

MCS is the leading accreditation for renewable energy supplies. We are fully vetted and checked to provide high-quality design and installation for all things to do with renewable energy solutions.


HIES Accredited Installer

We are fully accredited by HIES which is a consumer protection group that works within the renewable energy sector.



Our Trustmark Endorsement ensures that we work up to standards within the home as outlined by the government.

Heat Geek

Heat Geek Installer

We are verified with Heat Geek and have undergone multiple checks to ensure that our eco-friendly system designs and quality of installation are up to scratch.

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Are solar panel grants available in Durham?

We can advise on the latest grants that you can access for solar panel installation in County Durham. The government have currently removed all VAT for solar products, saving the consumer 20% on the cost price.

Do you install solar panels near me?

EcoFuture covers solar panel installation across the whole of the North East. Our offices are based in Newcastle, but we are more than willing to travel to accommodate jobs across the region. Get in touch to learn more about how EcoFuture can power your solar panel journey.

Do you install commercial solar panels in County Durham?

Yes, we work with commercial properties as well as residential. The increase in demand for commercial solar panels has soared over the last couple of years, with businesses looking to reduce extortionate energy bills. We’re able to offer solar panel advice and installation for commercial properties in Durham and the surrounding area.

Is the weather good enough for solar panels in Durham?

Solar panels don’t need an awful lot of sunlight to create a lot of electricity. The North East can provide more than enough sun to be able to cover the power needed for homes of all sizes.

Do your solar panel installs come with a guarantee?

Yes, all the equipment that we install comes with extended manufacturer warranties. These range from 10 to 25 years depending on the panels and inverters that you choose to use in your home.