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Solar PV Installation:
Sunderland & Washington

At EcoFuture we provide bespoke solar panel installation in Sunderland, Washington, Houghton-le-spring and surrouding areas. With over 30 years of experience in renewable energy, our highly skilled team is regarded as one of the best in the North East.

The systems that we create are designed to harness energy from the sun to provide an alternative solution to electricity taken from the National Grid. As a result, you’re able to massively offset energy costs and even make money using our state-of-the-art solar battery packs by selling excess energy back to the grid.

EcoFuture: Solar Panels in Sunderland

We offer a wide range of renewable energy options that work with solar panels. One of the most popular is air source heat pumps that can heat homes instead of using gas or oil. Linked with solar power, it’s possible to offset all energy costs, by working with renewable (free) sources such as the sun and air.

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Our Solar PV Packages

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3.48kw System




3.48w System




6.09kw System



Benefits: Solar Panels

Most homes are going to enjoy massively reduced electricity bills with solar power. It’s possible to create installations that completely cover the electricity you would usually pay for.

Removing the need to pull energy from the grid reduces the carbon footprint of your home by using a sustainable source in the sun.

Most solar panel systems are located on the roof to ensure they are out of the way and have unobstructed access to the sun. But if this is not possible, we are able to design systems at ground level or in an area that best suits.

The Government is pushing for Net Zero carbon emissions by 2050. To do this they are encouraging the use of sustainable sources such as the sun. Solar panels are going to play a huge role in the progress they make on this, with estimations of it becoming the biggest supplier of electricity in the UK over the next 20 years.

How Does Solar Power Work?

How do solar panels generate electricity?

Sun Powered

Solar Panel Installation

Solar panels include a series of cells that contain semiconductors. These cells are usually made up of silicon and as a result, can create electricity when a light source hits them. They’ve been designed to harness the sun’s light for maximum efficiency.

The technology that it’s involved with making the panels is extensive. They work best with direct sunlight, but they don’t necessarily need it to be a sunny day to still create energy, ideal for the North East climate.

On average, a single panel can create around 355W of energy, meaning that you need multiple to generate enough energy to power the average home. Typical solar panel systems in Sunderland have around 10 panels, creating enough energy to cover electricity usage in the home all year round.

The power that’s created is in Direct Current (DC), but to be used in the home it needs to be an Alternating Current (AC). We use a solar inverter to convert the energy so it can be used in your home and any excess is sent back to the grid.

Solar With Battery Storage

Energy Storage

Solar PV With Battery Storage

One of our areas of expertise for solar panel installation in Sunderland is pairing your install with battery storage. This allows you to store any energy that you don’t use immediately to be called upon when you do.

For example, if you’re seldom home through the day, then the call for energy in your house will be minimal. Your highest usage is going to be at night but given that the solar panels need light to create power, they won’t create energy at night or in the dark.

Utilising battery storage allows the panels to work through the day and store the energy in the battery until needed. The amount of energy you can store depends on the size of the battery. We stock multiple sizes to cater to different energy usage and budget.

Batteries are the best way to sell energy back to the grid. Our smart systems can estimate (based on previous usage) how much energy the house needs and sell the excess. These systems are constantly learning and recognise when usage is higher (usually in the winter months) when it will sell less, compare with when you use less (summer months), where it will sell more.


Can all houses have solar panels?

Most homes will have roof space to situate a series of solar panels. The majority have enough space to offset most, if not all the home’s energy needs. However, if this is not possible, then we can create a series of workarounds.

It’s possible to install solar panels in Sunderland, Washington, Houghton-le-Sping and the surrounding area at at ground level as an alternative. There are several factors that you need to consider for ground-mounted systems, such as the mounting type to secure the panels and the distance away from the house. We are more than happy to discuss potential options as part of our survey.

The ideal scenario is a roof that is south facing, pitched at 35 degrees, and has 20m2+ of space to house the panels. This will allow us to install a system powered to around 3.5kWp that covers the average home usage for the year.

How much power can solar panels generate?

Solar panels have the capacity to create more than enough power for your home. The biggest the system, the more it can generate. Excess power that isn’t used can be then sent back to the grid to make a profit.

There are multiple factors that combine to establish how much energy each system can create. The main one is the number of panels that you have. They each create around 355W of electricity, with 10 being more than enough to power an average home.

It also depends on how much light they are exposed to. Long, sunny days are ideal for solar power, but these often come at times when usage is at its lowest. Battery packs allow homes to store power and use it as they need it.

Can you sell unused solar power?

With battery storage, you’re able to sell excess power back to the grid using the Smart Guarantee Scheme (SEG). This exports electricity and you are paid at a rate based on your tariff.

Tariffs work in the same way that you would buy electricity, based on price per kWh. Anywhere around 4-6p/kWh is deemed to be a good rate and there are no caps on how much you export.

Solar PV Pros & Cons

Solar panels are the future of renewable energy sources in the home. At EcoFuture we are one of the leading solar panel installers in Sunderland and across the North East, but will admit, there are pros and cons to the technology, which we’ve outlined below.



Solar Panel Install In Sunderland: Step by Step

Solar Pannel Installation Process

At EcoFuture we take a customer-first approach to solar panel installation in Sunderland, Washington, and surrounding areas.

The process starts with a consultation to determine what you want to achieve from your solar PV system.

Our team of skilled engineers will work with you to create a bespoke package while adhering to the budget you’ve outlined. We’re able to provide advice on what will work best, as well as typical results you can expect based on specifications.

Most installs that we complete are on roof structures. The first step is to create a base for the panels to sit on. This is fixed into the roof structure and is capable of holding tight even in extremely high winds.

The solar panels then sit on the mounts before being wired together. These wires are fed into the home and connected to the inverter that alters the power from DC to AC, to comply with residential power supplies.

If you’ve chosen to have a battery installed, then the invert will run straight into this, before into your consumer unit. If not, it goes straight into the unit to be used when called upon or sold back to the grid when not in use.

We run a series of final checks and make sure the solar PV system is running efficiently. We take the time to walk you through the installation and go over any smart technology that you have linked within your system to track usage.

Why Choose EcoFuture For Your Solar PV Install?


MCS certified

We are MCS accredited who is widely regarded as the leading accreditors for renewable energy installations and system designs.


HIES Accredited Installer

HIES is a consumer group that works within the renewable energy sector. They help businesses work with customers to ensure the best practices are always carried out.



Trustmark is one of the few government-led accreditations that can be sourced in the renewable energy sector. Trades are vetted by Trustmark and let homeowners know that they’ve passed a series of tests ensuring confidence that they work to a high standard.

Heat Geek

Heat Geek Installer

We are a verified Heat Geek installer and have passed all independent tests to ensure that our renewable energy practices, designs, and systems are up to standard.

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Are there grants for solar panels in Sunderland?

There are multiple government initiatives that allow you to save money on solar panel installations in Sunderland. Currently, there is no VAT charged on solar products, saving you 20%. Get in touch so we can talk through all funding or grants that you can access.

Do you install solar panels near me?

EcoFuture covers the whole of the North East, so there is a good chance that we can install solar panels for you. Even if you’re located slightly outside of this area, there is a good chance that we can accommodate your installation as we are willing to travel.

Do you install commercial solar panels in Sunderland?

Yes, we cover both residential and commercial properties in the Sunderland, Washington, and Houghton areas. The process is the same as residential, starting with a consultation to determine what setup is going to work best.

Do solar panels work in Sunderland?

Yes, but the amount of energy you can create depends on the location of the panels and their orientation toward the sun. Ideally, they would be due-south and pitched at 35 degrees, but they can work in all conditions, with a drop off in efficiency as location becomes less desirable.

Do your solar panel installs come with a customer protection?

All of the solar panels that we use come with a warranty of between 10-25 years. This includes products such as inverters, batteries, and EV chargers.